Filip here. I first met Jörgen in 2010 when I was organising the London Blog Club. We were both publishing HR blogs, Jörgen’s was about recruitment, mine was with Andy (another LH partner) about company culture. We started to collaborate on blog content which led to collaborating on work projects.

These days I plug into Link Human projects when the employer branding strategy calls for an upgraded website.

What kind of websites? Well, do you like this website? Because we built this together.

I got into website and brand work in 2011, after working in PR, digital marketing, and web traffic measurement. I quicked learned that high-performance website creation isn’t easy, and made a lot of mistakes. But after a few years, the level of mistakes had dropped, and I was able to build a strong, reliable supplier network.

And if my team isn’t a fit (or fully booked), we can introduce another quality website team that has available capacity.

Jörgen & Filip's tag-team

After Jörgen his team map out the employer branding purpose and structure, the web team and I go to work, upgrading the existing visual brand and then switching focus to the website so it ends up matching the overall vision.

We’ve got a process that creates milestones at regular intervals so that everyone can check in and ensure the final result matches the strategic vision.

You can read about my website creation process in my book, ‘How To Get Your Website Noticed  (2016, Macmillan).