A few clients of ours have had LinkedIn issues with former employees still being listed as still working for their company. Ex-employees sometimes cling on to their old employer on LinkedIn for different reasons, sometimes they don’t actually realize that they do. Whatever the case may be, you the company representative can remove people who are not working for you very easily.

Let’s pretend Laurent has decided to move to Tibet and find his inner self and forgot to remove himself from the Link Humans company page. All he has to do is to update his own profile with ‘no longer working for…’. But as he is in a remote mountain range with only sporadic WiFi we can’t reach him and we’ll have to remove him from the company page. This is what our company page looks like at the moment:

We click on Laurent’s profile and find that he is listed as a┬áConsultant at Link Humans. Next to the company name you will notice a little grey triangle (I put the red square there). If you click that you get to the next page.

When his profile has been flagged by you there are two options:

And now you just hit the one that applies. If you have randoms pretending to work for your company go for ‘never worked’, in this case it’s ‘no longer works for’.

The company page should update within a day or so, we have experience both immediate changes and slower ones. If nothing happens I would contact customer services to get things moving.

Have you checked your company page on LinkedIn recently? Or have you already done a spring cleaning of ex-employees? Please share your experience!

Any other questions on LinkedIn for corporates? We are happy to help you with LinkedIn consulting.

Image credit: Raven Crow

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