How To Remove Ex-Employees From Your LinkedIn Company Page

A few clients of ours have had LinkedIn issues with former employees still being listed as still working for their company. Ex-employees sometimes cling on to their old employer on LinkedIn for different reasons, sometimes they don’t actually realize that they do. Whatever the case may be, you the company representative can remove people who are not working for you very easily.

Let’s pretend Laurent has decided to move to Tibet and find his inner self and forgot to remove himself from the Link Humans company page. All he has to do is to update his own profile with ‘no longer working for…’. But as he is in a remote mountain range with only sporadic WiFi we can’t reach him and we’ll have to remove him from the company page. This is what our company page looks like at the moment:

We click on Laurent’s profile and find that he is listed as a Consultant at Link Humans. Next to the company name you will notice a little grey triangle (I put the red square there). If you click that you get to the next page.

When his profile has been flagged by you there are two options:

And now you just hit the one that applies. If you have randoms pretending to work for your company go for ‘never worked’, in this case it’s ‘no longer works for’.

The company page should update within a day or so, we have experience both immediate changes and slower ones. If nothing happens I would contact customer services to get things moving.

Have you checked your company page on LinkedIn recently? Or have you already done a spring cleaning of ex-employees? Please share your experience!

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Image credit: Raven Crow

  • Karen Emanuelson

      I just had a job seeker tell me “Well, LinkedIn isn’t a legal document. I can ‘forget’ to update my employment if it helps me get a new job.”  Companies need to protect their online reputations; removing nonexistent and former employees from their LinkedIn company profiles is an important task they need to consider.
      Thank you for sharing this very valuable information.

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Indeed, many a former employee ‘forget’ to update their new status and yes it’s really down to the HR department to ensure everything is correct on the company page. Thanks for stopping by karen!

  • Sam Hill

    This process needs to be more sophisticated. Companies should be allowed administration rights over company profile pages to moderate the workforce!

  • Laura Lahikainen

    Fantastic post once again Jorgen. I will try it straight away. We were actually contacting each one of these ancient / never-worked-for-us employees, asking them to update their profiles, and it has been a rather painful way of cleaning the company profile.. :-) Very excited to see the outcome of this!

    Laura L.

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Good stuff, please let me know how it goes Laura!!

  • Jorgen Sundberg

    Yes good point, I guess some company pages are created by whoever at an organization and there is no control really.

  • Nick Goddard

    Good article, straight forward to follow, will try it!

  • Don

    I’ve done this on several ocassions for past employees, yet they continue to come up in search results…I’m not sure this is very acurate.

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Hmmm sorry to hear that Don sounds annoying. I believe people can still mention your company name on their profiles and come up in searches (although not listed as employees). If it still doesn’t work you can try and contact customer services?

    • Frank H

      Hi Don, Search results will display people that worked in a company or are currently working there. You will be able to use filters to omit former employees. Those filters can be found on right of the search results. Upgraded profiles will have more filters available to make narrowing search results even better.
      I hope this helps  

  • Etienne Besson

    I was just wondering, is it also possible to remove private profiles or ones with few connections and almost no profile information? These people might be employees, but I don’t think that they represent their employer (well).

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Yes you should be able to remove anyone on your company page. If they are private they are not exactly brand ambassadors :-)

  • Stephen Turnock

    Another problem I notice is that far too many companies have far too many different company profiles of slightly different names (yes you would think they would take more care but are probably set up by different people). Many people select the wrong company
    altogether when selecting from the drop down selection at the point of associating their profile. LI must be inundated with these requests to remove incorrectly associated people!. In our case at LA International we had over 200 incorrectly associated people (eg L.A.Inc LA.X employees etc) but at that time the little red triangle did not work hence had to request LI support to remove them one by one. Unfortunately during that process LI support  completely disassociated removed all our staff from our company profile! Apologies accepted..!

    I think whomever is the company profile administrator should be able to accept reject a new associate at the point of a new member association so that the control is in the hands of the profile administrator at the company and not have to rely on LI to make the changes or to carry out remedial work based on discovering it later. This becomes more important later
    as there are lots of benefits – especially analytics being correct. Followers would lose interest getting updates about peoples movements that are not even in the right company which happens a lot if you follow a company with lots of employees.

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Ouch that sounds like it must have been a headache! Thanks for sharing that, I believe LinkedIn are more willing to help companies sort these things out when they buy the corporate upgrades (wonder why huh!).

  • Fleur H H

    Great post!  I have been wondering how we could do this!

  • Jhutzelman

    …have tried that a number of times, and it doesn’t work.  I’ve also contacted LinkedIn customer support, as well, and they are unable to update/remove innaccurate entries.  Still working to find a solution to this issue…

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      OK please let us know what they say at customer services, very interested to know.

  • Vicky Dobbin

    I don’t see the box. Is that only available to people with premium accounts, perhaps?

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      The red box is inserted by me just to indicate where the grey triangle is. Can you see a grey triangle?

  • Ehofer


    I am seeing the same issue mentioned a few times below – where I can’t always find the little red triangle – how does this work?


    • Jorgen Sundberg

      The red box is inserted by me just to indicate where the grey triangle is. Can you see a grey triangle?

  • Guy Griffiths

    Hi Jorgen,I liked the newsletter, thanks for that – and was excited to see that you could ‘tidy’ your company profile on LinkedIn.  However, some of our ‘employees’ on linkedin have never worked for us, and don’t have any ‘experience’ area to change.  Any suggestions?  I’ll forward you a screenshot…

  • Jwarner1313

    I have an ex employee who lies about his title and role at our company. Is there anything I can do?

    • Jorgen Sundberg

      Yes you can flag the person to LinkedIn and contact customer services, they are usually pretty good at dealing with situations like these.

      • Stephen Distante

        I am trying to do just that and LinkedIn is not resolving this. we had to do all this stuff and still they will not remove his title. We even provided his resignation letter so it is clear he is no longer working for our firm. It is very frustrating and you cannot physically speak with anyone there is even more frustrating. not sure how to resolve this once and for all

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  • Thomas Bridge

    Hi Jorgen,

    Is this post still accurate considering the latest linkedin changes? The page to contact linkedin to remove people from your company page no longer works, and i thought you had to be linkedin with someone to remove them – which means that randomers are tricky to shake off!



  • Alison Lewis

    There is no little gray box next to my company name on LinkedIn on my former employees profile. He hasn’t worked there for 4 years and still has it as his job, so this is serious that we remove him. He does not respond to requests. Any suggestions?

  • sarah

    So when someone leaves your company, and remove the company name from their ‘position’ they still appear as an ‘employee’ on the company page? This could be good as would appear as an extra ‘follower’