10 Creative LinkedIn Headline Examples

The headline is possibly the most important part on your LinkedIn profile. It is your 120 character hook to people finding you in a LinkedIn search, it should be about what you do as opposed to what you are. It should be memorable and enticing enough for someone to click on your profile and not your competitors.

Here is a compilation of a few interesting and creative LinkedIn headlines from around the world. Some are funny, some are memorable and some are very professional. Do let us know which is your favourite below in the comments section!

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1. Left & right brain thinker

Giacomo Bracci Helsen clearly uses his whole brain when coming up with new strategies for design.


2. Bleeding for his art

Glenn Le Santo keeps it brief. If you have ever seen Glenn’s speed of content creation you would definitely agree with his statement in the headline.


3. Wickless Candles Fun?

How exactly are candles fun? Well the headlines sounds like fun. Bit of a tongue twister perhaps but certainly an intriguing headline by Rebecca Brown.


4. The clear value statement

Our great friend and LinkedIn supremo Ed Han has gone for the classic personal brand statement with clear value to the reader.


5. The publicity expert on Google

Joan Stewart is the Publicity Hound, there is no confusion here about what she does for a living.


6. The secret agent

Tony Giovannini is a secret agent at UTV, what he really does is obviously shrouded in mystery.


7. Living the dream

Antonio Rocha Ferreira is living it up in Lisbon town, to find out more we have to click on his profile (and how could we resist with such a great headline?).


8. Human potential

Unleashing that human potential on LinkedIn, Steven Pallesen has gone for an almost philosophical headline.


9. The non-dead recruiter

Michael Bense has our favourite recruiter headline and deserves a mention here as well.


10. Not a team player?

Gordon Rae takes the biscuit with a humorous headline, wonder how it works when applying for a new job? Have a feeling Gordon isn’t too bothered!


I hope these headlines have given you some inspiration and will help you craft your own winning tagline on LinkedIn. If you want feedback on your headline, just write it in the comments and we’ll review it for you!

And for a couple of tips on writing your headline, check out How to Write Your Killer LinkedIn Headline.

  • http://twitter.com/PublicityHound Joan Stewart

    Thanks for including me on this list. I like Number 9 for this reason: it includes keywords that people might be typing into LinkedIn when searching for someone with that expertise. 

    LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function is one of the most powerful parts of that site. It’s where the sales leads are buried. And many people are searching by occupation, or by keywords that are mentioned in other people’s profiles. Make it easy for people to find you! Use relevant keywords.

    • http://jorgensundberg.net Jorgen Sundberg

      Thanks for the comment Joan, do you ever get people searching for ‘publicity hound’ by the way?

      • Therese Pope

        Wow, I actually know someone in the headlines’ list (Ed Han is a great guy and  he chose one of my “best” answers on LinkedIn – thanks again, Ed!) 

        As a copywriter, I love “cut me and I bleed content”. That’s my favorite headline out of the bunch. 

        Interesting article, Jorgen. Thanks for sharing.

        • http://jorgensundberg.net Jorgen Sundberg

          Yes good point Therese about keywords. I do find that some of the best people in many industries have a ‘cool’ headline instead of keyword friendly, perhaps because they have enough business on their plate already?

  • http://twitter.com/luispizarro_eu Luís Pizarro

    Do you like mine?Please tell me yes..!!!


    • http://jorgensundberg.net Jorgen Sundberg

      It looks good Luis, just don’t understand Spanish but I do understand the WHY NOT!

  • Bracci Giacomo

    thanks guys for for putting me first. I don’t think I deserve that. it’s such an honour!

    • http://jorgensundberg.net Jorgen Sundberg

      Our pleasure Bracci!

  • ArchMarketeer

    An Architect performing the Art of Marketing, Design, and Customer Service with flair!  For more information about my profile, see http://www.linkedin.com/in/markfitzgerald1architect

    • http://jorgensundberg.net Jorgen Sundberg

      Like it Mark!

  • Arthur Stuart10

    Excellent read

  • Pepe

    Can’t stop thinking about cutting the content bleeder into pieces, does that make me a psychopath or a SEO expert?