We’ve come to the end of another month (how fast is this year going?) and we wanted to launch our new feature – our Social Media Moments. This month has seen some good (and not-so-good) occurrences in the social media world (such as the demise of LinkedIn Events and the introduction of Instagram web profiles amongst others), and here is the round-up of our favourites:

R.I.P LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events is sadly no more. As of November 26, LinkedIn shut off the application – their explanation for this being:

“[We] want to provide a simple and effective experience for all members.  So from time to time, we take a look at our set of features to evaluate how they’re being used by our members. Part of this process sometimes means we decide to eliminate a feature, so we can better invest our development resources in building more great LinkedIn products for members like you.”

We loved LinkedIn Events and hope that there is a replacement on the way (maybe with the new profiles at the end of the year?). In the meantime, there are some alternatives – such as sharing the links to events on your profile – or if you want to list events Social Talent has named 3 alternatives (Google+ Events, Facebook Events and Eventbrite) which we here at Link Humans love and use religiously to promote our various workshops, training and events (you can see our Google+ events here, Facebook events here and Eventbrite events here).

Interestingly, conference listing website Lanyrd launched their new LinkedIn integration just as LinkedIn Events disappeared – could this be the new events platform? We’ll have to wait and see IF LinkedIn decide to open a new application.

LinkedIn Endorsements

On the other end of LinkedIn – a feature they have added recently is LinkedIn Endorsements – do you love them or hate them? Are LinkedIn focusing more on Endorsements and less on Recommendations? Is this a move towards a one-click social world? We’re still unsure about this feature, but Stacy Zapar’s rundown on the three states of LinkedIn Endorsements – the Good, the Bad and Ugly (Clint Eastwood style) -has proven to us that it isn’t all positive.

If you still don’t know where to start, Social Media Examiner have outlined 6 tips for using LinkedIn Endorsements – to help you get the most out of the feature. It’ll be extremely interesting to see where this feature goes, and whether it will overtake similar websites such as Kred and Klout as the new endorsing feature.

Instagram Web Profiles

Link Humans Instagram Web Profile

We’re big fans of Instagram here at Link Humans and regularly use it to update from our events, from London and on the life of Link the dog. This month they announced an exciting new featureweb profiles.

Up until recently, Instagram had solely been a mobile application, with the only way to view profiles on your computer being via external non-Instagram websites. Instagram have taken this problem on-board and launched a Facebook-like web profile (with a very similar rotating cover image feature). Could this be an idea of Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team who bought Instagram for $1 billion in April this year? Maybe so, but still it’s a great feature and one that is simple and works smoothly. They’ve even added badges which you can embed onto your website, an example being below:


Instagram marketing guide

On this, I wrote an article outlining my top 3 tips for maintaining a great Instagram web profile – I personally feel that this is a massive improvement to an already brilliant application, however some people believe that Instagram is beginning to look a lot like Facebook – could this damage the brand? We’ll have to wait and see.

Recruitin.netA new way to recruit was also launched this month – – which uses the practise of ‘LinkedIn X-Ray to search LinkedIn via Google. Instead of manually looking for people on LinkedIn simply enter the country, title, location, keywords or education for the job placement and it finds the LinkedIn profiles for you – saving a lot of time and effort.

The application was a direct response to the problem of only having one hundred search results on LinkedIn and only being able to see up to 3rd degree contacts. The creator built boolean queries to work around this problem (and use Google’s database of profiles) and created this platform.

The website is still in its early stages, but being free we feel it’s a great tool. We haven’t tested it too much, but would love to hear your thoughts and comments if you’ve had success with using it!

Facebook Job Board

Social Jobs Partnership (c) Facebook

Our final highlight from November is the introduction of the new Facebook job board. A long time in the making, the Social Jobs Partnership (a collaboration between Facebook, the U.S. Department of Labor, and a number of associations in the US) this month launched its job board application, listing 1.7 million jobs, and becoming a new central location to look for placements.

The application brings together listings from recruitment companies already working on the platform – such as Work4 LabsBranchOutJobviteDirectEmployers and – and with 3 out of 5 of these being listed in our Top 5 Facebook apps for recruitment, it is great to see an integration taking place.

This infographic outlines all you need to know about the new job board, and with the Social Jobs Partnership being around since October 2011, it seems that the team have been working and brewing this for some time. The most important question is – will this compete with or beat LinkedIn? We’ll have to wait and see! Have you found a job using the application? Let us know in the comments!


Those were our top 5 Social Media Moments for November – and it’ll be interesting to see how these develop over the coming months:

  • Will there be a new replacement for LinkedIn Events with the introduction of the new LinkedIn profiles at the end of the year (December)? We think (and hope) so!
  • Will LinkedIn Endorsements evolve in anyway? We’re unsure – but they may have an interesting component ready to launch.
  • Will Facebook take more control over Instagram? Hopefully not – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  • Will the Facebook jobs board really work and become a good source of income for Facebook? We are unsure on this – as Facebook is home to ‘everyone’, whereas LinkedIn is a more professional interface, so it may flop (or be a success!)

What are your thoughts? Let us know by leaving a comment or discuss with us via Twitter – just tweet us @LinkHumans. See you next month!

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