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Social Media MomentsAs we career towards the end of 2013, social media speeds up with even more changes and improvements. Twitter has gone back on its original plan to allow users to DM anyone on the site by explaining it was an “experiment”, whilst unveiling Custom Timelines – a competitor for Storify. LinkedIn launched Showcase Pages – a new way to market your products and brands, whilst bringing in integration with Pulse (their replacement for LinkedIn Today). We also look at Google+ vanity URLs, new look profiles and an overhaul of the Facebook Like and Share buttons. What have been your moments for this month? Let us know via @LinkHumans!

Twitter starts to close the DM doors again and unveils Storify competitor:

Last month we reported that Twitter were allowing users to DM anyone, whether they followed them or not. This allowed for recruiters to contact possible candidates (and vice versa), but also for a large number of spam accounts to start messaging random users. They’ve now removed this option, saying it was, simply, “an experiment”:

Did you try it out? We feel that it wouldn’t have helped in any way, it was just a new way of contacting people which was a bit unnecessary – messages are still only allowed to be 140 characters! Could Twitter be working on a DM app or will people still use Facebook/email/text/Whatsapp to contact people? Only time will tell!


November also saw the introduction of Custom Timelines on Twitter. Custom Timelines are created and organised entirely by the user – either manually or via an API. This allows users to create collections of relevant tweets for a certain topic or subject (and can be collected automatically!). Timelines can then be shared publically, as they are each given their own address:

As fans of Storify, we’re quite interested to see where this will progress. Obviously, it’s only one type of media, but will Twitter add support for other platforms? You can find out more details about Custom Timelines on the Social Media London blog.

LinkedIn launches Showcase Pages & Pulse integration:

LinkedIn has thrown “its hat into the content marketing ring” by introducing a new feature – Showcase Pages:

The Showcase Pages are Company pages for sub-brands and products. By creating a Showcase Page (which is part of your Company Page), you can post specific updates about that product or band and welcome followers to invite their friends to like it too (as each page has a personalised URL). They are basically like Facebook pages, but more professional! We have two Showcase Pages – one for our monthly event Social Media London and one for Undercover Recruiter. Have you created a Showcase Page? If so, leave the link in the comments below! We love them so far – it’s great to do specialised updates for different brands on the number 1 professional platform!

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Also, this month, LinkedIn said goodbye to LinkedIn Today, and announced an integration with LinkedIn Pulse – which included updates on the Pulse application. Have you tried it yet? Is it better or worse than LinkedIn Today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Google+ roll out vanity URLs and a new look for profiles:

Finally, after allowing more established accounts to assign their own, vanity URLS have been made available to “established” accounts (by established, Google+ means that users must have a profile picture, over 10 followers and an account older than 30 days). It’s very simple to set up your vanity URL, however CNET have given a quick step-by-step guide. Some users have already complained at difficulty of obtaining their own vanity URL due to Google Plus’ strange way of asking for numbers and letters after common names (we’ve even had this problem when trying to obtain LinkHumans!).  One of the lucky ones was Jorgen, who managed to get his first name / last name: The rolling out of vanity URLs also coincided with a new look for profiles and pages, with a less obtrusive cover image – something which was most definitely needed!:

New Facebook like and share buttons:

The Like button was introduced in 2010 on Facebook, and for the first time it has been redesigned. The designer wanted the button to be “more prominent and…more consistent” across the 7.5 million sites which use it:



You can see a live button below – click it to Like the Link Humans Facebook page:

Was the redesign necessary? Did they need an overhaul or is this just another pointless update? I think it’s time they got a new look – and we approve so far!

Those are our moments for the last month – what were yours? Let us know on Facebook or via @LinkHumans. See you next month for the final Social Media Moments of the year!

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