I’m Carolien, responsible for all Creative Projects at Link Humans, but above all: I’m a creative human being.

I love all things creative, especially if it combines visual storytelling and new media technology.

During a 6-month marketing internship in Amsterdam, I got loads on my plate: from a new brand design, video editing, online marketing, and concepting. I knew it was the career for me.

In 2016, I happily graduated in ‘Communication & Media Design’. Whilst having a Bachelor of Science degree in my pocket, I decided to take the jump and cross the borders to work in England.

Wait, is that a Dutch name?

Yes, I’m Dutch and I may be the tallest out of everyone, but not all the cheesy stereotypes are true.

For a fact: I don’t eat dairy all day and only wore clogs once in my life. I can be a bit intimidating with my tallness, straightforward opinion and obsession with liquorice, but I can guarantee that I have 100% good intentions!