Hey, I’m Karim.

I was born and raised in Dubai. Yes, we really do have a man-made indoor ski resort in the middle of 100% humidity and temperatures that make you feel like you live in an oven. We also have the tallest building in the world. Things like that are kind of normal where I come from.

Anyways, I joined Link Humans in mid-2017 as an Account Executive. I work on a wide variety of things and that’s part of the reason why I love the job. I’m a writer at heart and you can find me regularly posting articles on our blog the Undercover Recruiter, as well as helping curate any other content here at Link Humans.

I’m also working on the Employer Brand Index, our way of measuring the impact and effectiveness of employer brands.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions around talent attraction, technology or football!

What else do you do?

Outside of work you’ll find me watching, tweeting or discussing football.

And forcing myself to exercise and planning where to travel to next.

Got any travel tips? Let’s hear them!