Hi I’m Mahi,

Holding a Master’s in Psychology, I’m all about understanding human behaviour. I am passionate about observing and understanding how individuals, groups and organisations interact.

As a Data Analyst at Link Humans, I work on the qualitative needs of the Employer Brand Index, focusing on understanding the meaning behind what people are saying about their company.

To me every opinion matters, so using my expertise I try to make employee’s voice be heard through my reports. In this way, I help companies to better understand their data and improve their employer brand.

What's more about me?

Mens sana in corpore sano, meaning, a healthy body in a healthy mind, is the motto I live by in my personal life. So, out of work I try not only to hit the gym regularly, but also exercise my mind by learning something new every day. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see me popping into a conversation, sharing the information of the day. Oh, and now that I mentioned… did you know that carrots were originally purple?