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Employer Branding Ideas
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How Sephora Uses Facebook to Recruit [CASE STUDY]
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Sephora is a French chain of cosmetic stores located in 17 different countries, carrying 250 brands including its own private label. The company has a real social media presence and has built a solid employer brand on many different platforms over the years. Let’s have a closer look at its strategy, and understand how the company has established itself as an attractive employer on social networks.

Goals and Strategy

Sephora’s goals are very straightforward and clear. From the very beginning they wanted to be transparent, using direct language in all their communications. As Sephora is a about a “fun” spirit and an attractive cosmetic brand, they also wanted to convey those values to potential hires. Finally, Sephora has a wish to create a ‘unique job experience’ for every candidate, and by extension recruit the right people.

In  terms of strategy, the company has a corporate website along with a standalone career website which carries the values of the brand. Its identity is also well defined on other platforms depending on what they target is. For example, the Sephora blog gives expert news and discusses topics of the cosmetics industry, while the Facebook career page aims to create a strong employer identity.

The Career Site

The career website, all about the Sephora World, is called the SephoraEffect. In the “Sephora World” tab, the potential candidate can find out more about the history of the brand, and check out relevant facts and numbers. The “The Job Experience” tab displays what it means to work at Sephora: international opportunities, the training program new employees can look forward to and more about individual positions.

The “Our Jobs” tab is all about the values and the company’s culture. The job positions are presented, in stores and at head office. To make the experience even more unique and personal, any potential candidate can even take a Sephora compatibility test in the “Quiz” tab. I took it and there was my (pretty good) result!

Finally, your personal job space and the jobs vacancies are available in “Apply Now”

Employer Branding Strategy: from Blogging to Facebook

The company used to have an HR blog, anyone could comment and share their thoughts and ideas. This blog was very focused on HR issues which perhaps wasn’t exactly what a prospective employee wants to read. So the decision was made to shut this down in favour of Facebook, a place where their target audience hangs out online already.

Now the Facebook page “Sephora, the Unique Job Experience” has replaced this blog: “The Fan Page to discover the daily life of Sephora employees and Sephora HR events..” The goal: let people know in a fun way what working at Sephora means, what’s really happening backstage.

How are they going about this?

Don’t be boring on Facebook: the challenge is to catch people’s attention in a fun, light way to both entertain and inform them.

Sephora developed its unique job experience by creating values common to every employee. The Sephora University project trains teams from around the world, making them feel as part of a big family.

A YouTube section directly links the sephorajobexperience YouTube channel, where all the company’s videos can be seen. Challenges are organised on the Facebook page to get people involved: video contests, make up contests, polls and quizes! In Europe, the Make Up Masters contest challenges the best european Make Up artists, giving away a week of make up training with a prestigious brand away as the prize!

The page is of course directly linked to the career and shopping websites: another purpose of Facebook is to drive more traffic to the corporate website(s).

Finally, Sephora allows its potential candidates to look for job opportunities on their Facebook page. Those offers are leading to the career website where they can apply online.

Sephora has separated its HR Facebook page from its brand Facebook pages. The career page is unique, but is adapted to your Facebook language. Different content is produced in different languages. The brand Sephora pages are numerous and can be found on Facebook in many languages, engaging with potential new employees all around the world.

Sephora has one Facebook page per country, each in a different language. Those pages are focused on the conversations. “Beauty Talk: Get Advice. Give Advice. Join the Conversation.” The goal here is to engage with people about beauty and shopping.

What about LinkedIn and Blogging?

Sephora is also on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn company page displays job opportunities (where you can apply directly from LinkedIn with your LinkedIn profile), and employees who are working there. The main benefit of using this channel would be getting in touch and engaging with the recruiting team through their profiles. As LinkedIn is a professional network, the type of roles Sephora advertise here tend to be managerial in nature.


Following L’Oréal’s great social media lead, Sephora has done some really good work developing a strong social media presence and engagement. Sephora, the Unique Job Experience Facebook page now has over 35,000 followers. The Sephora LinkedIn company page has over 200,000 followers and the brand also has a huge crowd following various Sephora feeds on Twitter. In terms of employer branding, they created a real concept around the brand, engaging with their potential candidates to attract them and recruit the best matches.

Has it been a success? As Sephora’s strategy is pretty recent, it’s a bit soon to tell. But next time you go into a Sephora shop, please have a look at the staff and tell us what you think!