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How SCA Uses Social Media [CASE STUDY]
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svenska cellulosa aktiebolaget sociala medier

SCA, the global Swedish hygiene and forest products company, embarked on a very successful social media journey a few years ago. They have achieved a great increase in traffic across social channels and this is how they did it.

They started with with three very specific goals:

  1. Recruit – talent acquisition in all countries SCA are present
  2. Engage – having an online dialogue going with customers and brand advocates
  3. Inform – keeping investors up-to-date with latest reports, facts and figures.

Based on these three goals they mapped out their attack and chose to focus on Facebook, YouTube, Scribd and SlideShare.

What they did on Facebook

Facebook was the natural starting point as many of SCA’s brands are well known to consumers. The Facebook Page facebook.com/SCA has over 4,000 members and gets about 200,000 posts views per month.

Social media manager Konstantin C Irina says: “The aim is to recruit, engage and inform in a way that our Corporate web sca.com can’t do”. The HR departments in Sweden and the US share the responsibility for publishing content and engaging with the fans.

SCA use Facebook to tell visitors what the company does, to update followers on company news and events such as Team SCA’s success in the Volvo Ocean Race above. The company does a good job posting a a variety of news, product and people updates.  They have a large number of natively uploaded Facebook videos which looks great when clicking on the Video tab. They also have a clear link to jobs within the SCA group, which leads us on to the next page.

They have a dedicated Facebook page for careers which has much more information and updates about the people and culture of the company. They also have a job opportunities tab powered by TweetMyJobs. This tab allows visitors to see a full listing of jobs, to search for keywords, functions and locations and also to see a map with job opportunities. If you connect the app to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, you’ll find out how you might be connected to somebody within SCA (which can be very handy when applying for jobs).

What they did on Slideshare and Scribd

In order to reach out to investors globally and in particularly in the States, SCA wanted to distribute their financial reports, statements from the CEO and other documents on social media.

On Scribd, we can notice they have uploaded 50+ documents which have been read more than 25,000 times (it’s now more than 145 documents and 58,000 reads). SCA can still work on getting a few more followers though!

SlideShare is in use for investors and other targeted groups who have an interest in financial information. Some of SCA’s presentations on SlideShare have been viewed about 1,000 times each and include interim reports, AGM reports, meetings with analysts and investors. The bonus here is that SlideShare allows SCA to see precisely who has downloaded which presentation. It’s worth noting that SCA have opted for a paid for account on SlideShare – probably the way forward for any large corporation. Again, I would say they could work getting more followers.

What they did on YouTube

YouTube has been massive for SCA. They have uploaded almost 300 clips and keep uploading them on a regular basis. The SCA clips have been viewed over 435,000 times (now closer to 2 million). The videos range from employer branding, adverts, overviews, interviews with managers and footage from production plants.

The results

The outcome has been impressive; this is what SCA have achieved through their social media strategy thus far:

  • 672,956 views across all web March 2011 – up more than 50% over 1 year when the company started the social media campaigns.
  • 63% of the traffic is going to the corporate website, 37% goes to social channels.
  • No increase in web communications budget, SCA have managed to do all this without any more costs – just an increased work load for the team.