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Employer Branding Ideas
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How Candidates Use LinkedIn for Job Search [STUDY]
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How do people find jobs on LinkedIn? What do they like about it? What could companies do more of? These are questions we get from clients and we wanted to do a small study to find out what real jobseekers have to say.

We decided to run a survey which had 252 respondents, 68% of them in employment, ranging from age 18 to 55. The majority of them are at ease with the professional social network because they have an ‘Expert’ or ‘All Star’ profile. Also, they were more women to answers our questions (58%) than men.

To find out more about LinkedIn behaviours have a look at our infographic and feel free to tell us if you’re surprised by some of the results.


  • 37% of people said LinkedIn was part of their method to find a job. Actually it’s the preferred method as you can see as first in the infographic.
  • When people are looking for a job, they spend more than an hour a week on LinkedIn to aid their search.
  • As we can see, people are active on LinkedIn, they participate in groups, they follow companies and use LinkedIn to research potential employers before applying.
  • 90% of people have already looked for a job, 65% have applied but only about 30% were invited to an interview following an application.
  • The main problem with LinkedIn according to our respondents is the price for a Premium Account. For 47% of people, this option is too expensive.

LinkedIn job search infographic2