London, UK
London, UK
The Adecco Group


To support and assist with The Adecco Group’s digital employee and candidate engagement globally.

To develop global social media guidelines, internal communications campaigns, training and advisory services.

To promote the company to the global HR community as a forward-thinking organisation and employer of choice.

What we did

  • Working with individual marketing and communications teams in countries, ensuring the messaging is on brand
  • Created advertising campaigns to boost awareness for the mother company and its many brands
  • Creating strategies for social media presence across all major networks, with a focus on HR
  • Organising and leading digital workshops and training across various platforms and networks
  • Running employee advocacy programs with education, analysis and gamification
  • Reputation management campaigns on user-generated sites, including Wikipedia
  • Launched new professional staffing brand on digital across 8 countries
  • Created employee communications videos, slides, articles, and imagery.


  • Best-in-class social and digital usage in a number of countries and brands
  • The Adecco Group regularly wins awards for being the most innovative company in the HR space
  • Increased market share in most of the markets we have worked with
  • Brought brand thinking to the fore, the company now has a strong focus on house brands and overall employer brand.