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Hyperlapse by Instagram: A Marketer’s Guide
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hyperlapse is the nuts

With Hyperlapse being the new kid on the block, quite a few brands have jumped on the bandwagon, from Budlight to Burberry and beyond.

It’s alreacy caught a lot of online buzz, with a whooping 119k total mentions of the #Hyperlapse hashtag on Instagram in the first week [source]. Besides catching the attention of the public, it’s only natural that brands start looking at this tool and reevaluating whether they should invest in it at all.

If that’s the case for you too, then read on.

What is Hyperlapse?

Announced back in August, Hyperlapse is a mobile app from Instagram that lets you create time-lapse videos. While you would normally need to have fancy equipment to give you high-quality time-lapse videos with video stabilisation and all the other “bells and whistles”, Hyperlapse takes care of that for you. All you need to do is just point and shoot.

What can you do with the videos? Well, the possibilities are endless. While the app only lets you share videos natively to Facebook and Instagram (after all, this is an Instagram-owned app), you can export the video to any other social network that can import videos – Twitter, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube etc.

While there’s nothing stopping you from using professional cameras and equipment for a great timelapse video, one of the best features that Hyperlapse offers is its simplicity, letting you be creative whether you’re a professional videographer or not.

A few technical notes:

After shooting a Hyperlapse video, you have the option to choose the playback speed thanks to a “time slider”. By doing so, the time length of a Hyperlapse may be shorter than the original video. So, for example, if you shoot a 1 minute video in Hyperlapse, you can move the slider to 10x, and the video will play 10 times faster than the original, bringing the time duration from 1 minute down to 10 seconds.

If you’re shooting a Hyperlapse video for Instagram or Vine, you may need to adjust your video’s length and speed, due to the time limits on both social platforms (6 seconds for Vine, and 15 seconds for Instagram). Here’s a quick guide to resolve this:

  • If you’re shooting a Hyperlapse video for Instagram, you can record a video that lasts no longer than 180 seconds. If you then want to cut it to a perfect size for Instagram, choose the right playback speed based on the length of your video:
    • 1-15 seconds: move slider to 1x
    • 16-30 seconds: move slider to 2x
    • 31-60 seconds: move slider to 4x
    • 61-90 seconds: move slider to 6x
    • 91-120 seconds: move slider to 8x
    • 121-150 seconds: move slider to 10x
    • 151-180 seconds: move slider to 12x
  • If you’re shooting a Hyperlapse video for Vine, you can record a video that lasts no longer than 120 seconds. If you then want to cut it to a perfect size for Vine, choose the right playback speed based on the length of your video:
    • 1-6 seconds: move slider to 1x
    • 7-12 seconds: move slider to 2x
    • 13-24 seconds: move slider to 4x
    • 25-36 seconds: move slider to 6x
    • 37-48 seconds: move slider to 8x
    • 49-60 seconds: move slider to 10x
    • 61-120 seconds: move slider to 12x

Great Hyperlapse examples:

Brands and marketers are finding new ways to use Hyperlapse. Here are a few examples that stand out.

  • To share your brand experience: Budlight’s concept in this video is pretty simple: showing the “Budlight experience” in the summer captured in 15 seconds. What brand experiences can you think of that would fit nicely in a timelapse video?



Those went fast. #HyperLapse

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  • To give an insider’s view of an event: here Burberry takes us into their LFW (London Fashion Week) show, showcasing their clothes, the catwalk, giving us a sneak peek of what it’s like to be there in the moment. Think about your next networking event, or a conference you’re hosting; think about your next movie première or your next gig – how can you make your followers part of the audience, even if they’re not physically there?




A rainbow finale – the #Burberry Prorsum S/S15 show #LFW #Hyperlapse View on Instagram


  • To give exclusive tours: if you’ve ever wanted to take a tour of the White House without booking well in advance, you now can. The White House gave us a quick tour of the building through a Hyperlapse video. Think about places that your fans and followers won’t normally have access to – it could be your building, or perhaps the room where your next product is going to be assembled. It doesn’t even need to be exclusive – from a Hyperlapse of the inside of the British Museum to the inside of the Link Humans HQ, there’s no end to the places where you can take your followers in just 15 seconds.



Want to walk around the White House? Take a 15-second tour right now! #Hyperlapse

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  • To give exclusive previews: Foot Locker gave their followers a preview of the Kobe 9s before their official release. Do you have a product or service coming soon that you really want to share, even if only for a preview? Do you have an event in the pipeline that you’d like to generate some buzz around? This is a great way to showcase previews, while giving people an extra incentive to follow your updates on social media if that’s where they can get previews like this.




The Nike Kobe 9 ‘Bright Mango’ drops TOMORROW! Will you be lacing these up? #approved #hyperlapse View on Instagram


  • To collaborate with your audience: collaborating can be fun – add fun tools like Hyperlapse into the mix and you have a good campaign going. As part of their #MiniDelivery campaign, Oreo used Hyperlapse to share their own videos as well as videos sent in from their fans. If you’re thinking of running a campaign or a competition, Hyperlapse is definitely a fitting creative medium to consider.



Check out this cool #hyperlapse video of a #MiniDelivery unboxing by @ashleighmn! Share your unboxing photos and videos with us using #MiniDelivery #Promotion

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  • To have fun with your products: last but definitely not least, you can simply have fun with Hyperlapse. Here’s a Dr Pepper pyramid: it’s a very simple and inexpensive concept, but it’s a clear example of creative ways you can use Hyperlapse. How about showing fun ways that you can use your products? Or even better, why not get your fans and followers to show you how they use your products?




A case of Pumpkin Spice could land on your door! Comment below for a chance to win. #FallForChobani http://cho.ba/1qJHURd View on Instagram

If you’d like to see more examples, you can search for the #hyperlapse hashtag. You can either create a new colum in Tweetdeck to do so, or use Picdeck (picdeck.co), which is the equivalent of Tweetdeck for Instagram (click here for more information on Picdeck).

Quick tip: if you’re going to create a Hyperlapse video, feel free to include the #Hyperlapse hashtag in your caption, to make your video easily discoverable by people who, like you, are curious to see how others are using Hyperlapse and what creative ideas they’re coming up with.

Should I join?

If you already incorporate videos (even in short form, e.g. Instagram and Vine), then Hyperlapse will definitely come in handy for you. However, if you don’t already make use of videos as part of your content/social strategy, then Hyperlapse could be your chance to finally start. Budget isn’t a prerequisite, and neither is fancy equipment – all you need is an iPhone (until Instagram releases Hyperlapse for other mobile platforms) and some creativity, and what will come from it may surprise you.