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Employer Branding Ideas
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How the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ Button Simplifies the Candidate Experience
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The news broke on GigaOM the other day that LinkedIn are launching a one-click job application button later this month. In a nutshell, this button will allow job seekers to apply to job opportunities anywhere on the internet through their LinkedIn profile. This is technically very similar to the Facebook Like button, although the purpose if of course different. (For more on this, check out How LinkedIn has started copying Facebook over at TNW.)

The new button plugs in to the LinkedIn API and brings up applicants’ data to automagically screen candidates for the employer. The company can decide whether they want additional information (beyond the LinkedIn profile), it can for instance use a template that asks a set of questions such as ‘what are your salary requirements’ or ‘why are our cheeseburgers tastier than the competition’? They can even request additional documents such as cover letters and certificates that will be send through email, a URL or JavaScript callback. So this makes the new button very similar to applying for job on Monster, CareerBuilder or Dice.

Are job boards in trouble?

One consequence of this direct application from LinkedIn is of course that it could cut out the middleman, typically a job board. Instead of the applicants sending over a CV/resume and the recruiter receiving this – then double checking the candidate on LinkedIn before making a decision – we just skip the first step for better or worse.

The resume/CV in trouble?

Well, maybe. Job seekers have long been able to generate a resume from their LinkedIn profile using the LinkedIn Resume Builder Tool. Whilst this isn’t perfect, it makes it easier to only update the LinkedIn profile and skip the resume every time there you have news. Hung Lee wrote a good post a few months ago called 5 Reasons LinkedIn is a CV Killer. Only time will tell whether this new application button is the final nail in the coffin for the CV.

What was the reaction to this new shiny button?

Dan Schawbel got a lot of flak for this article Forbes in which he claims that LinkedIn is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business.

To quote Dan: “Job boards are becoming more irrelevant to the corporate recruitment process every single year. They are ineffective because of the sheer amount of competition on them and how they’re perceived by recruiters. Only lazy recruiters source candidates from them.

I think the fact that he called recruiters who use job boards lazy was a mistake. Job boards, LinkedIn, networking etc are all part of the sourcing mix and there nothing lazy in working smart and finding people in the quickest and most precise places.

David Zax at Fast Company reckons that yes the new ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button will make it easier for candidates to apply for opportunities but not much more. In fact, he argues, it contradicts the whole idea of social networking where you actually get to know people before you go in for the kill. This new button will be a job board on steroids and a ‘glorified resume-submission tool’.

To quote David: “By increasing the volume of applications–by making it easier for job hunters to use the “spray-and-pray” approach that so rarely works anyway–“Apply with LinkedIn” may only make slush piles even slushier.”

So he’s not buying the hype in other words…

Want to install it yourself?

Of course you do. Head over to the Apply with LinkedIn page on the Developer pages of LinkedIn and you’ll have all the answers there.

What do you say?

Is the new “Apply with LinkedIn” button going to be a game changer or just another gimmick to keep the share price of LinkedIn high? I for one don’t think it will change much other than streamlining spray and pray applications which never really worked in the first place.