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This is not Lars Schmidt by the way.

We recently had a chat with Lars Schmidt who is the Director of Talent Acquisition at NPR (that’s National Public Radio), based in Washington, DC.

In these changing times for recruiting, Lars, who is the founder of @NPRJobs and #pubjobs, believes in proactively driving social recruiting strategies.

In this interview, Jorgen Sundberg, founder of Link Humans, found out:

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  • More about NPR and its purpose
  • What their main recruiting challenges are
  • How to channel a strong consumer brand into an employer brand
  • How social media is proactively changing their recruiting strategies
  • Tips and tricks for applying for jobs at NPR and other public sector roles
  • And last but not least: the mystery of Lars Schmidt’s name finally revealed!

Connecting with Lars is very easy: find him on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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