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LinkedIn Usage by Country: 2014 [SLIDES]
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linkedin usage by country 2014Earlier this year LinkedIn announced that they reached 300 million users worldwide – and this number is ever growing! But have you ever wondered how many users there in the UK? Or in India? Or France?

Last year at Link Humans we released our LinkedIn Usage by Country Slides July 2013. So this year we’ve made an updated version that has a look at the top countries according to LinkedIn users by continent.

Takeaways from July 2014:

  • Unsurprisingly the US is still in the lead with roughly 109 million LinkedIn users, meaning over a third of their population has a profile.
  • India comes second, followed by Brazil, the UK and Canada.
  • New York is the city with the most users, followed by San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • The US also has the highest penetration of LinkedIn usage compared to the population, followed by The Netherlands, Australia & New Zealand.

Please note that we have sourced our data from LinkedIn Advertising which only give rough estimates. These slides aim to give an indication only.

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