If we work with you, you will be working with the people you see here on our team.


The team at Link Humans all share a common purpose; and that is to help organisations create the kind of employer brands that attract, engage and retain the best people in their marketplace.

We’re passionate about data, but equally passionate about helping organizations to improve the way people feel about them. We’re in the business of improving sentiment, and helping organisations understand how to better measure doing that.

Jörgen Sundberg

Chief Executive Officer

Founder & CEO of Link Humans, host of The Employer Branding Podcast, founder of Undercover Recruiter. Previously a Director of Recruitment in the SAP technology world.

Andy Partridge

Chief Operating Officer

Andy's background is in the recruitment industry and he spent a number of years training recruiters. In 2010 he launched a company culture blog and ran workshops on creating candidate and employee experience.

Karim Ansari

Head of Product

Karim leads the product strategy at Link Humans and works with the data team to make sure we are innovating our capabilities from data analysis all the way to the online platform.

Shekhar Paul

Data Analyst

Shekhar leads data collection and all relational database needs at Link Humans and uses his skills to make sure all our data analysts have everything in place to make sense of big data.

Sveta Karniyenka

Data Analyst

Sveta (谢哒) is supporting the data team with employer brand insights and analysis, with a focus on China & Russia.

Dhanya Pavithra Kumar

Data Analyst

Dhanya is supporting the data collection team at Link Humans to make sure all our data analysts have everything in place to make sense of big data.

Ajmal Abdallah Ramankhan

Data Administrator

Ajmal is on the data team & manages our platform user experience.

Olga Bordian

Data Analyst

Olga is supporting the data team with qualitative analysis at Link Humans.

Breta Micha

Data Scientist

Breta improves the way we manipulate and analyze data.

Nium Patel

Data Scientist

Nium works within the data team focusing on automating the variety of data sets we cover.

Christopher Del Rosso

Data Analyst

Christopher supports our clients with qualitative analysis at Link Humans.

Rumesha Wisidagama

Data Analyst

Rumesha supports our clients with qualitative data analysis and insights.


Here are a few of our core beliefs you may want to know.

If there’s one thing we preach in 2022, it’s this: If you have an undifferentiated employer brand, then your competitors will take the best talent and you’ll be stuck, competing on price and paying recruitment agencies. If you want to change, you need a strong employer brand. Your employer brand can only get better by understanding the data behind who your employees and alumni say you are.

Link Humans helps you understand your reputation as an employer so you can attract the right talent.
Powered by Humans
Being in London, we're natively international. We're a team of diverse backgrounds, ages, and expertise—our differences keep us in balance and free from any biases. We're always listening to each other, and almost everyone is involved in every project.
Make the World of Work a Better Place
It sounds cliché, but we really do believe what we do can help the world. Nobody wants to work in an environment where they are miserable. What we do helps companies and people find the right fit. And if you're happier at work, you'll likely have a happier life.
Driven by Data
We believe in data's ability to show the unbiased truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it's essential to making real changes in your company that positively impact the people who work with you.


Our history in pictures:


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