London, UK
London, UK
Link Humans

What do you value?

Do you resonate with our mission? Plainly, we want to make the world of work a better place.
Take care of our values – and Link Humans will take care of you.
Which values? These:


Failure is ok as long as you own it and move forward. No micro-managing. You will be expected to ask for help when you need it.

Tell it like it is

Be a critical friend. This isn’t about being confrontational – it’s about clarity and reality checks. Egos just get in the way.


Power up your skills. Get paid to go to industry events, social media training workshops, and online courses. We’re all bookworms and podcast fans.

Open Creativity

Our brainstorm MO is to let the best creative idea win. It might just be your first week, but if your creative idea rocks – it leads the project.


We apply many Swedish business practices (imported habits from my Stockholm years). 
Including 35 hour weeks and decent pay.

Proper ‘fika’ is observed (aka Swedish coffee break, like a British long afternoon tea). We don’t do ‘hustle’ – we do well-rested and productive.

[First 90 Days] Didn’t find sweet satisfaction in your work? We’ll pay you £2,000 to quit.

Link Humans
A day in Work.Life Camden

There’s free breakfast on Monday and Friday, fruit on Tuesday and Thursday, beers and pizzas every Thursday, yoga on Mondays and networking events every week. Flexible working hours and all the cappuccinos you can drink.

You are expected to know what makes you most productive; we’ll get out of your way.

To respect your time, please don’t apply if you:

  • Need lots of structure and organisation
  • Want to be a niche specialist
  • Want to work in a large team
  • Are not a self-starter / scared to own projects

Up for a challenge?
Come by for a fika!

If you thrive with plenty of autonomy, and vibe with our values,
check out the jobs posted below, and get in touch.

Link Humans
Data Analyst Intern

We’re looking for someone who would enjoy working on sentiment analysis projects within our product team, and who is both comfortable working with large pieces of data (as well as AI), has an analytical brain and excellent writing skills.

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