Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
How to Start a Social Media Consulting Business
Written by: Jörgen Sundberg

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Jorgen Sundberg was recently in a Simply Business video interview for the series “UK Business Entrepreneur”. Here is a chance to learn more about Link Humans, and how exactly a consultancy business can be started. Watch Jorgen talk about how he went from being a successful recruiter to building his own business based in Covent Garden, London.

From studying your market and defining the needs of your target audience, to the difficulty of being taken seriously as a small business, Jorgen explains the steps he’s taken to build the company. “I realised that there was a gap in the market for training recruiters and HR teams to use LinkedIn and social media tools to their advantage” he says.

In this video you will learn:

  • More about Jorgen’s background and Link Humans’s missions and goals
  • How Link Humans gets more clients and drives business its way
  • How setting up a bank account was actually the main challenge to set up the company here in the UK!
  • And how Link Humans was created, and established itself into the market with the help of social media.

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