I first met Jorgen in 2009 as he was leaving the world of recruitment to establish himself as an employer brand specialist. Having spent a few years as a recruitment trainer, I set up the number one company culture blog Enviable Workplace in 2010. Our mission was to help companies create awesome places to work in order to better attract, engage and retain great talent, and myself and Jorgen worked together on some company culture projects.

I got involved with Link Humans to help Jorgen and his team develop the Employer Brand Index. As Head of Operations I help drive the sales as well as recruit and develop the Link Humans team. We’re creating something truly awesome!

Andy's Mission:

Having spent the last few years immersed in helping to make the intangibility of company culture more tangible, this product hit all my buttons!  We’re helping employers to better measure the success of their employer brands, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and see how their brands sit with their competitors. We’re giving our clients tangible evidence that will influence their bottom line.