I first met Jorgen in 2009 as he was leaving the world of recruitment to establish himself as an employer branding specialist. I was working with companies helping them to identify and articulate their visions of success, and together we teamed up to promote engagement workshops to help employees connect with their own visions of success and develop awesome personal brands on their journeys.

My background is 15 years training recruitment professionals, and in 2010 I founded (with Filip, another associate) the number one company culture blog Enviable Workplace. Nowadays I’m working with companies to help them create their unique culture map, and sourcing and recruiting the right people with the right behaviours and values.

Andy's Mission:

To help companies build kick ass culture and recruit in their ‘culture ambassadors’ as they grow and flourish.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team and the culture at Link Humans. I regularly run inspirational workshops to ensure they have a sense of individual development and personal journey, and to help them work effectively as a team.