Professionally, I’m a combination of recruiter + advertiser + entrepreneur + strategist + technologist.

The first project I ran with Jörgen was a social media advertising project. Now, five years later, I’m involved in Link Humans projects whenever there is a need for extending the reach of content through social and advertising. Or whenever there is a need for recruitment marketing tactics that are out of the box.

I’m currently researching AI’s impact the recruitment industry in the near to medium term. It’s a lofty goal, but I’m working on making AI and recruitment a tangible, implementable strategy—so clients can benefit from being closer to the front of the industry’s curve.


What else should we know?

To help with my advertising execution I recently built and launched my dream social media advertising platform.

I’m a big fan of Eurovision, so much so that at home we watch every qualifying national competition (e.g. all four Swedish quarter-finals) leading up the the big night. Feel free to quiz me on any songs or acts.

Finally, I’m English but we have lived in Canada for many years and I have a great recruitment marketing network in Toronto. The team at Link Humans have picked up on this and frequently finish their sentences with an ‘eh’ when speaking to me.