Professionally, I’m a combination of recruiter + entrepreneur + strategist + technologist + data geek.

For me these days it’s all about measurement and results. If you can’t measure, how do you know when you are succeeding?

I’m the co-inventor of the Employer Brand Index and always focused on how to take the business forward so that we never stand still. I’m deeply involved in all employer branding projects, from research through to activation and whenever there is a need for strategies that are outside of the norm.

At Link Humans we’ve made Employer Brand tangible and are working on taking this to the next level. Stay tuned.

Chris on a Mission:

To bring measurement into everything we do, and to keep pushing the boundaries of what is considered measurable so that everyone can prove the value of what we do.

I’m a big fan of Eurovision, so much so that at home we watch every qualifying national competition (e.g. all four Swedish quarter-finals) leading up the the big night. Feel free to quiz me on any songs or acts.

Finally, I’m English but we have lived in Canada for many years and I have a great recruitment marketing network in Toronto. The team at Link Humans have picked up on this and frequently finish their sentences with an ‘eh’ when speaking to me.