London, UK
London, UK
Measuring Employer Brand

What’s the challenge?

It all started with the Employer Branding Podcast, a weekly podcast with our CEO Jörgen Sundberg. On the podcast, the one question every employer brand leader, rebel, and innovator from many of the biggest and best companies in the world had difficulties answering was how do you actually measure your employer brand and the ROI of your employer branding efforts.

How can you prove to your boss that your employer branding efforts are working? Traditional HR metrics, like quality of hire and cost of hire, don’t give you the employer metrics you really need. More often than not those data points are not solely based on your employer brand. Other factors might come into play.

So how do you actually measure your employer brand? How do you measure if your work/life balance is improving, or if your benefits system truly works? How do you measure if the strategies you have put in place to improve your candidate and/or employee experience have actually worked?

What’s the solution?

The Employer Brand Index.

The Employer Brand Index gives employers a quantitative and qualitative measurement of what people think of your company, presented in an easily understandable and actionable way as a single, tangible number. By articulating the current status of your employer brand, you can track your own record over time and eventually benchmark it to your competitors.

It shows at a granular level what you need to do to improve your employer brand. Think of it as a baseline action plan to help you become the best employer in your space. It is an essential, data-driven tool for, finally, measuring employer brand success. 

How it works

We dissect everything people are saying online about you as an employer on user-generated sites where they feel free to discuss their employers openly, without being in the confines of their office space.

We then categorize and analyze these findings into employer brand 16 key employer branding attributes. And highlight the specific aspects of your employer brand people are talking about the most, positively or negatively.

We quantify these attributes into a single number on a 1-10 scale to easily equate what areas work and what areas don’t.

Because if you then periodically measure these areas over time, you can see how things are changing.


The Employer Brand Index Index has helped employers:

  • Quantify their Employer Brand, and rank it in the marketplace that can be tracked over time.
  • Justify spend on Employer Brand to their leaders & measure the effectiveness of their employer branding initiatives.
  • Save time and money on their employer branding efforts and strategies.
  • Identify what their pros and cons as an employer truly are & concentrate on the reality rather than assumed core values.
  • Understand what their competitors are doing right and wrong, and how that stacks up against their employer brand.
  • Correct any immediate issues that have risen from the research that they were never aware of.
  • Form or refresh their EVP so that it represents their true reputation as an employer and to fix any issues highlighted.