How KinderCare Education Attracts Teaching Talent

WRITTEN BY: Jörgen Sundberg

Squaring off against high demand, retention challenges, and reputation management are all part of the talent attraction game for this education and childcare provider.

KinderCare Education is the largest provider of early childhood education in the United States. At over 1,400 centers across the country, nearly 35,000 team members teach and care for over 161,000 children every day.

The KinderCare Education family includes KinderCare Learning Centers, Rainbow Child Care, KinderCare at Work, Champions Before- and After-School Programs, Cambridge Schools, Knowledge Beginnings and the Grove Schools.

Derek Johnson is Talent Attraction Manager at KinderCare Education. Have a listen to the episode below, keep reading for a summary and be sure to subscribe to the Employer Branding Podcast.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How the company’s cultural change impacted recruitment
  • Why traditional recruiting methods stopped working
  • What Spotify has got to with KinderCare’s recruiting efforts
  • How the company came up with the “Confidence for Life” message
  • Why candidate assessments are vital for recruitment.

You can connect with Derek here.


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