Schawk…Never heard of?

3.200 employees worldwide in 49 countries! It is a company which helps companies to build brands…and strangely enough they did not have an employer brand so far!

Kristen Storey, the talent acquisition manager, lead the implementation of the strategy on Linkedin (since then she moved to Pepsi) and especially the building of the careers page!

Their Objectives and challenges

Schawk had 2 main goals:

  1. Build a strong employer brand to attract talent and show their clients their ability to build a strong employer brand for themselves
  2. Build a talent pool of potential candidates and engage with them

But they faced tough challenges at the same time.

  1. Getting the word out effectively
  2. with a very flat budget…so they knew they could not use Recruitment agencies because of the fees vs their budget

Message and target Audience

They wanted to convey a very powerful message to their target audience: “we are a strong creative company with a star-studded client roster,  we’re ahead of the game in technology and resources, and we are hiring certain types of role”.

And they knew who their target audience was: highly skilled package designers, account and project managers.

An interactive Careers page

As Kristen explains: “Our Careers page tells our story the way we want to tell it to prospective candidates in a site where they’re already spending their time researching opportunities and companies.

The first thing they do is to leverage pre-existing assets such as podcasts and video to make the page as engaging and informative as possible.

They also posted a poll on the right handside trying to get candidates insights. But they included also the employees testimonials on their page. Getting the point of view of current employees is key to any candidates, it is a great process to engage with them and build that extra trust you need to convert them.

Giving a human feeling to their recruitment

On the right handside, they have done something really important. They give their recruitment side something really human with the pictures, names and profiles of their recruitment team…and even better, you can send these guys direct email if you have any questions.

One thing they have not done is putting their job openings on their careers page…which is a bit of shame as it a great way to show your jobs and get more qualified traffic.

What a careers page and company’s profile are for?

  1. Build a stronger employer brand at an effective cost
  2. Seed your jobs on your careers page and get more applications
  3. Drive traffic to your website and other social media activities

Employer branding is getting more and more important in any recruitment strategy…are you still competing with the best in your industry

Whether you are a small business or a big corporation, everyone can set up professional looking careers pages and company profile on Linkedin.

And if you are a small business, we run a Linkedin Workhop on the 19th of April…Join us!

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