I’m the social media analyst at Microsoft UK, where I look after social analytics and social intelligence. If a Link Humans project needs either of those two skill sets, I get involved.

For almost a decade I’ve worked in data analytics and social analytics, for the likes of Groupon, British Telecoms, the local government, and now Microsoft. Let’s be honest, I do love to dig through data, spot trends and deliver highly actionable business intelligence derived from social media.

I also love to give talks on this topic and I’ve written quite a few articles on the Link Humans blog about social strategy, tactics and technology.

Last but not least, I co-authored the book Employee Advocacy: The Ultimate Handbook with Jörgen in July 2017 – have a read and do let me know what you thought of it!

Ciao for now,



What else should you know?

I’m a freelance blogger, covering anything to do with social media, digital marketing, and analytics.

You can find my writing on my blog and tweeting as @FR314 (ask me about this handle) with an endless supply of coffee and a continuous stream of music thanks to Spotify.