PepsiCo has operations all around the world and its products are distributed across more than 200 countries. This adds complexity to talent strategy, and a need to have a common language when discussing attractiveness.

Link Humans partners with PepsiCo to provide measurement and insights for employer brand perception across subsidiaries, locations, job functions, and more.




One of the key challenges that comes with working in employer brand is measuring sentiment. For Shana Andrews, the Senior Manager of Global Employer Brand at PepsiCo, this challenge is even more daunting because of the size and scope of the organization.

Measuring the Intangible

Andrews has found that the trick is to measure sentiment in as many different ways as you can manage. “Perception is one of those things that is somewhat intangible,” she says. “You can get a sense for it but it’s hard to fully grasp—we can aim to understand it in a lot of different ways.” For PepsiCo, that means looking at current employees, prospective candidates, and alumni to see where sentiments line up and where they differ.

Link Humans looks at hundreds of user-generated sources, from employer review services to forums to social media posts to get a real picture of what people are saying about you. We score sentiments across 16 attributes that show you where your company’s strengths lie, and where there might be room for improvement. Posts are evaluated based on their positive or negative sentiment, and then assigned to one or more of the categories.

From Insights to Action

As Andrews puts it, “The goal is ultimately to understand what’s working and what’s not working and how we can adjust our strategy, our policies, and our experience to really meet the associate and candidate where they are in their journey.” She hones in on specific attributes to add a layer of understanding that goes beyond metrics on followers and social media engagement. Then, once they understand specifically what’s going on, they can take steps to evolve and grow to emphasize strengths and shore up weaknesses.

Data is shared both laterally and to the highest levels of senior leadership at PepsiCo. HR, communications, and corporate are all kept in the loop with what Andrews and her team are seeing and what they think the organization should do about it. Leadership is an important component in making everything happen, but that’s only because they can back up their conclusions with the data they collect.

To follow Shana Andrews’s work in employer brand, connect with her on LinkedIn. To measure your employer brand, you can use Link Humans’ Employer Brand Index. The Index uses 16 key attributes that measure how you compare with others in your industry.


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