Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
Appointing an Agency to Develop EVP
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Developing a robust employer value proposition (EVP) requires that the organisation takes a holistic approach to employment strategy and the employer brand. This starts with the crucial foundation of defining organisational values; authenticity and credibility are the key components of developing an employer brand. The aim is to develop an employer brand that shows existing and potential employees a clear picture of who you are as an organisation, of your culture, and why you are different, special and unique.

You need a solid basis to set the style and tone of communication messages and to identify efficient marketing channels for future campaigns. An agency can help the organisation to establish a strong value proposition and then construct a communication programme to effectively articulate that message.

EVP matters because studies show that a 20% increase in the pool of potential workers and a fourfold increase in commitment among employees come from a strong EVP, ad an effective EVP provides the ability to recruit higher quality talent.

Consult stakeholders

For an agency to define your EVP it is important to share information and opinion from a range of relevant sources, review any relevant existing research and HR statistics and data, as well as existing corporate brand guidelines. An agency will want to conduct interviews with a selection of senior managers to gather first-hand the leadership perspective on employee engagement and look in detail at how the organisation communicates with existing and potential employees across all channels.

It’s also important to involve all relevant stakeholders from the outset to ensure their understanding of what the project is looking to achieve and establish their buy-in. So they may suggest setting up focus groups of a cross-section of employees to establish their candid views as to the organisation as an employer. Another avenue to explore is the monitoring of social media channels for real-time engagement with online communities and any brand mentions that are relevant.

Bear in mind that you need real insights into your EVP and employment brand, which may mean confronting some things that are uncomfortable. You will also be able to harness real areas of strength that will help shape your employer branding and marketing messages.

Creative corporate branding

When the data around the brand is collated you have the opportunity to consider some creative ways to raise your profile in your target population. Think about some key areas:

  • What makes you a great employer and how to reach your target audience.
  • Articulating an attractive proposition that will bring in more people.
  • An EVP that will help you keep the great people you already have.

High-quality account and relationship management make up the essence of EVP success, with consistency and continuity of service from a knowledgeable and motivated team who understand your distinct corporate brand. You will need to develop appropriate monitoring and reporting tools such as key performance indicators and service level agreements and expect to receive regular service reviews, as part of a relationship based on open communication, continuous improvement and performance excellence.

An agency will help you distil the sense of your information and statistics to devise a campaign that will bring your employer brand to life using relevant channels. Test your plans internally, your own people are your best ambassadors and best placed to evaluate new messages and channels.

You need an agency you can trust to understand, uphold and maintain your brand values, who will be an employer brand guardian, taking responsibility for delivery, development, and implementation of current and future brand developments. An effective campaign requires careful planning and scoping. It is crucial that all parties agree and understand the objectives as well as being aware of the activities and timescales involved and responsibilities.