London, UK
London, UK
American Axle & Manufacturing


American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) is a leading global tier 1 automotive supplier that designs, engineers and manufactures systems and technologies that are making the next generation of vehicles smarter, lighter, safer and more efficient.

Headquartered in Detroit, AAM has over 25,000 associates operating at nearly 90 facilities in 17 countries to support our customers on global and regional platforms with a focus on quality, operational excellence and technology leadership.


  • AAM competes for the same talent as the big automakers, suppliers, manufacturing, and tech companies.
  • How attractive is AAM in comparison to a number of talent competitors?
  • What makes AAM stand out in a candidate-driven marketplace?
  • What can the company do to improve talent attraction over time?

What we did

  • Scoping exercise to understand what the needs were, what AAM wanted to achieve with employer branding.
  • Measured AAM’s employer brand with a deep evaluation of what candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about the company online.
  • Carried out a benchmarking exercise with a number of AAM’s talent competitors on a global level.
  • Analyzed data, scored, produced reports with AAM and talent competitors, presented to senior management.
  • Cut data and tailored visualizations to fit the company’s reporting requirements.


The outcomes included:

  • AAM now knows what the perception of its employer brand is, benchmarked with a number of similar companies.
  • The Employer Brand Index has enabled AAM to have the right internal discussions, focus its talent attraction efforts, dialing up what is truly great at as an employer and further investigating areas for improvement.
  • It has also provided evidence of AAM’s employer reputation, which has been invaluable when bringing different businesses, functions, and geographies to the table to improve the talent brand.
  • The company has a clear roadmap to improving employer brand and talent attraction over time.