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Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
EVP vs. Employer Brand: What’s the Difference?
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Employer branding is becoming more and more prominent in the world of talent attraction and recruitment, but a question we still get asked quite a lot at Link Humans is ‘What is the difference between employer brand and EVP?’

The concepts of EVP and employer brand are used interchangeably, and while it is true that they are connected in many ways, they are actually separate entities.

So we decided to break it down for you…


To start with, your Employee Value Proposition, or EVP, is just like your company mission statement. It is a statement that defines how your company identifies as an employer. It encompasses the values and principles you and your people live by, as well as the culture, the work, the rewards, and more elements that make up your employment experience.

To create a genuine EVP, you have to start with research. An excellent way to approach this is:

  1. Start by looking at what you already have. Look at existing performance reviews, any exit interviews and any relevant figures you might already have.
  2. If you find yourself lacking any of this data, think about carrying out an employee engagement survey to get a fundamental understanding of what people like and don’t like about working for your company.
  3. Once you get the internal stuff done, think about taking an external approach and maybe study what your talent competitors are doing.

Once the research is done, there’s plenty more to do. Check out Developing the Employer Value Proposition by our CEO, Jörgen Sundberg, to get a more in-depth look into building an EVP!

Employer Brand

On the other hand, your employer brand has always existed, whether you knew it or not.

It is just like your consumer brand.  It’s the external reputation you create. Create is a keyword here because your employer brand is in your hands. You create and communicate your employer brand through various forms of messaging, marketing and advertising.

And your employer brand is now essential to the competitiveness of your company’s talent attract efforts as it will help you establish credibility in your market and help you differentiate yourself.

In our article What is Employer Branding? You will find out that a good starting point when thinking about employer brand is to articulate the vision and values embraced by the organization.

How do EVP and Employer Brand connect?

Your EVP serves as a guide for your employer brand. And you need an employer brand strategy to express and communicate your EVP. That’s why we defined EVP first because that’s what you need to do if you’re getting to grips with employer branding.

In a nutshell, understand what encompasses your EVP first, in terms of the benefits, opportunities, rewards and more than your company offers. And then use these values to create messaging and communication for your employer brand.

Your employer brand and EVP are intrinsically connected as they both serve as an essential way of drawing future workers to your company, but also as a way of energizing current employees and reminding them what a great organization they work for.