How Nestlé Uses Social Media for Employer Branding

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Nestlé (or Nestlé S.A.), a Swiss-based (with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland) multinational nutritional and health-related consumer goods company, have started to use social media for recruitment in the United Kingdom and the United States. When measured by revenues, it is the largest food company in the world, so using the most modern technology to recruit new employees is necessary in this changing world.

The Nestlé Strategy

Nestlé has a UK job site (seen above), with the slogan ‘Nestlé & You’, which is linked to the respective Facebook and Twitter feeds, and where people can search and apply for jobs. Nestlé in the USA has a ‘Jobs’ sub-section of their website – split up into ‘Professional Jobs’ and ‘Campus Opportunities’, with a section for users to search and apply for jobs. This website links to their Facebook page, LinkedIn page and YouTube account.  There are websites for other countries – all including jobs pages too, however the UK and USA careers departments are the only ones to have embraced social media.

Facebook & Instagram

Nestlé has two Facebook careers pages – a UK careers page ( and a USA careers page (

The Nestlé Careers – UK Facebook page posts out ‘Job Of The Week’ as well as open-ended questions and news articles concerning the industry. It gets some likes and comments on its posts but isn’t too popular. It has a ‘Welcome’ tab and a ‘Careers’ tab which lists all available positions and allows users to apply via the Nestlé website. There are also ‘Business Areas’ and ‘Nestlé Culture’ tabs which list the different job areas at Nestlé and the culture of working at the company. The page has a uniform design and is well updated with easy to use links.

The Nestle USA Careers Facebook page only has fewer likes and does not post as regularly as the UK page. The US Careers part of Nestle post the same content on their Facebook page and Twitter feed (see below), only with hashtags on the Twitter page – something which they could change to offer some variety.


Nestlé has two careers/jobs based Twitter accounts – one for the UK (@NestleCareersUK) and one for the USA (@NestleUSCareers).

The UK Careers Twitter feed (@NestleCareersUK) posts job opportunities, as well as thanking other accounts for mentions and retweets. It posts once or twice a day, covering the United Kingdom and Ireland and has the same branding as the website and Facebook page. With over 1,000 followers, it could post more frequently and be more interactive to gain a wider following base.

The USA Careers Twitter feed (@NestleUSCareers) concentrates on careers in “engineering, HR, manufacturing operations, marketing, product development and supply chain”, but actually promotes the careers side of Nestlé USA rather than posting job opportunities. It does not tweet regularly either, with some posts being days apart, however, it does have more followers than the UK account – around 1,800. As mentioned above, it mirrors the Facebook page – posting the same content, just containing searchable hashtags. This is something that they could probably change, to make each social media experience differently.


The Nestlé LinkedIn page has well over a million followers, it is equipped with a ‘Careers’ tab which lists the latest job opportunities and employer branding material.

The page has a banner, a ‘Meet our people’ YouTube box as well as a ‘Careers’ introduction-style box and ‘Graduates and entry level’ box. It gives all the necessary information but keeps it simple and looks professional.


Nestlé has merged its various YouTube accounts into one global channel which hosts videos about products, brands a, d careers. The video embedded below is the flagship employer brand clip and its featured throughout Nestlé’s employer communications on social media.


  • Nestlé has some positive points in their use of social media for recruitment, but there is still room for improvement.
  • The consistent branding across the websites, Facebook and Twitter is good and allows users to know that all the different platforms are for the same purpose.
  • Updates are regular on some platforms, but not on others – this could be changed so that the pages are more consistent with their posts.

What do you think of Nestlé’s employer brand presence? Please let us know in the comments below!


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