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London, UK

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We believe in data’s ability to show the unbiased truth. Our approach to EVP is an evidence-driven articulation of your reputation as an employer. We research your internal and external employer brand to determine how you’re really perceived by the people that matter most—your past, present, and potential employees.

This data is a reflection of your employer brand that you can use to adjust your messaging and improve your employer brand from the inside.
Your EVP shouldn’t attract everyone, but it should attract the right people and keep them with you.

So what does this all mean?

We’ll work out the EVP brand house, creative, and produce an employer brand playbook that guides your employer brand activation.

Other ways
we can help

Btw, over 80% of our clients choose to start with an employer branding strategy.

The Employer Brand Index

Measure your employer brand with a deep evaluation of what candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online.

What’s working and what’s not? The Employer Brand Index will reveal what people really think about your reputation as an employer.

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Employer Brand Activation

Executing employer branding campaigns is how our strategies prove their worth.

We manage campaigns that attract the right talent to your employer brand.

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