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London, UK

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Make sure you have a presence in the minds of the people you want to hire. Activation is a response to real data. Whether it’s through social media campaigns, job postings, or billboard ads, we help you find the right channel for the right talent.

For the best activations, we track the 16 attributes of employer brand and analyze what you are talking about, what you need to talk about more, and when you should stop talking. We can then measure how your activations have impacted your employer brand, optimizing a campaign so you can get the most bang for your buck.


To improve, you have to have the right measurement in place.

We’ll track the right data, avoid vanity metrics (that commonly distract teams), and set a small number of real business outcomes.

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Btw, over 80% of our clients choose to start with an employer branding strategy.

EVP Development

Our scientific answer to why people should work with you.

In the same way your products must appeal to the right customers, your EVP must appeal to the right potential employees. It needs to reinforce your employer brand.

This is how you attract and retain the right talent.

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The Employer Brand Index

Measure your employer brand with a deep evaluation of what candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online.

What’s working and what’s not? The Employer Brand Index will reveal what people really think about your reputation as an employer.

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If you've already got an effective brand strategy, and the right brand assets in place, get in touch. Let's try a talent attraction campaign, together.