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Employer Branding Ideas
London, UK
How to Use Social Media for B2B Content Marketing
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This month at Social Media London we welcomed Marian Cramers, Senior Social Media Consultant at Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marian talked about the power of content marketing on social media for B2B organisations. We looked at best practice, success stories from large companies and how you can improve your brand’s content marketing.

Social Media for B2B Content Marketing with Salesforce


Here are the main takeaways from the event:

  • Salesforce uses their Marketing Cloud tool throughout the organisation, unleashing its full potential before they actually sell it to clients. One thing that Salesforce believes in is using social media as an organisation-wide medium of communication, and that is one thing that more brands need to adopt – using social media with a holistic view, rather than limiting it to only one isolated team.
  • Think about the way you currently use social media in your organisation. If there’s one thing that you should do with social media, it’s not keeping it isolated, otherwise you will not see any real results coming out of it. How about external use of social media? Look at the tone of voice you’re using when talking to your audience, and remember that it’s not only B2B – essentially it’s people to people. Give your brand a human voice, not a superior, authoritative one.
  • Listen to social sources (e.g. various social networks, forums etc.) for conversations around your brand. Don’t just monitor – listen proactively, and don’t stop at the brand mentions and sentiment. Make sure you take action from the mentions you’ve seen – can you see any feedback that you need to take on board? Can you see any potential for change within your organisation? Are there any trends in mentions, sentiment, or topic?
  • You can use Radian 6 for social listening. One advantage in this is that Radian 6 and the other applications in Marketing Cloud can easily integrate with other tools that you might be currently using.
  • Social listening is the key to finding influencers, as these are the main people who drive conversations – you’re not behind the steering wheel anymore, it’s the various social influencers.

Social Media for B2B Content Marketing with Salesforce

  • Do you rely on a fixed content calendar for your content management? This can potentially become your pitfall – don’t just publish engaging content, but also interactive content, content that motivates people to share and join in the conversation. An easy way of doing this is making use of user-generated content – you don’t have to be the sole creator for your community, your content can be community-driven, encouraging your audience not only to listen to what you have to say, but collaborating with you, the brand. However, before you get to this point, make sure you’ve spent some time listening to your community and what they’re saying in relation to your brand before you engage with it. When you use the information received from your audience, not only are you opening up a door for conversation, but you’re also showing that you’re actively listening, something that not all brands are doing unfortunately.
  • Once you’ve identified the various influencers, make sure you connect with them – you’ll soon see that this is pivotal in a lot of decisions you’re going to make. By finding your social influencers, you can build relationships and encourage further brand adoption
  • Content Marketing is important in B2B, so important that 92% of B2B marketers use it as part of their own social strategy. 25% of the marketing budget within Salesforce goes into content marketing – how much of your budget are you dedicating to content marketing?
  • Once you’ve found great content (whether it’s created from within the organisation, or whether it comes from social audience who is already creating content for and about you), you can use that to create compelling social advertisement, with two main aims: reaching the right audience, and getting more exposure thanks to that audience.


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